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02 November 2013:

Thanks for checking back!

As mentioned in my newsletter sent out earlier today, DEKS Minerals was unfortunately hacked during October last month. This caused a massive delay in updating of new stock, and re-adding of all the existing stock.

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

None the less, back in full-swing, we have updated many of the sections around the site, and you are welcome to browse around and email us with any queries or orders!

I have also since last month, 100% corrected the Image Viewing Gallery problem that was being experience when viewing the site and it's images with Internet Explorer. If you were/are using Internet Explorer, please browse around and try again - and let me know what you think!

15 September 2013:

The new DEKS Minerals "V 2.0!" has been launched! A new look, feel, and plenty of brand new material being uploaded!

Look out for the recently acquired beautiful Namibian collection of exceptional matrix Aquamarines and Brandberg Quartz, and more! Head over to the Specimen Galleries to see more.

23 July 2013:

Once again it has been a year (or two!!) since I have spent time updating this site - not without good reason, my day-to-day IT job has been keeping me on my toes, and here and there in between my photography, and general travelling S.A and its surrounds to perform my various requirements, has once again prevented me from the time to spend on my favourite of hobbies - crystals.

In and between all of this, I have been networking with some top end collectors, dealers and mineral enthusiasts, and have begun the first leg of partnering up with a fellow such 'rock-hound' to bring you some very exciting new quality material onto DEKS Minerals. Please browse around, and if you see anything that interests you, feel free to contact me on any of my contact details, available in the Contact section.

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