A little bit about, and some history behind:

 DEKS Minerals Namibia - Field Trip 2004

Spitzkoppe - Field Trip, Namibia 2004


  DEKS Minerals (Dirks Edelsteine und Kristalle Site) was started in 2004, and is owned and run by myself Dirk Kristen - and since September 2013, now in partnership with Jan Eklund!

 I re-located to Johannesburg from Cape Town, South Africa in 2009, and am now working day-to-day in my full time IT Security job at Shaya E-Security, focusing on a proprietary Satellite data distribution service called SatSafe.

 With regards to my mineral 'hobby' I am, first and foremost, a collector, though I have over the years now been fortunate to have travelled to many places and networked with many people, since acquiring a modest collection (approx. 2500 pieces) of beautiful hand chosen crystals from in and around Southern Africa - both for my personal collection, and for sale!

 Jan brings to the collection another few thousand, and combined we host a woderful variety of

fairly priced
mineral specimens.

 Our collective material ranges from relatively 'mid-end' (but still unique & aesthetic!),
to 'high-end' & rarer pieces.

 Both Jan and I
collect and deal mostly in the Southern African Minerals, as you'll likely see in the
various Specimen Galleries, The Vault and Specials - To Clear pages, comprising of primarily Namibian and Kalahari Manganese Fields crystal specimens.

 Since partnering with Jan, you will also notice plenty other nice things floating around, like
Messina Ajoite and Papagoite included Quartz, and many more!

 Be sure to check back frequently for updates, and remember to subscribe to our newsletter for updates - more information is available in the
Latest News and Contact sections.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the site!

~ Dirk Kristen